Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When Moonlight Wanes

Moon rises faceless
eyes blinded to life graces tonight
Turning away wishing for day light
Always motions to go through and duties to perform
Pleasurable kisses of a warm love face cold shoulders icy thrust on this Spring midnight
but .. . What of moons silky rays of milk bathing lovers souls warm within
Why have lighted plumes of feathers flown away
What sweet madness scattered moon lit stars as far slung seeds across the milky way but turned snowy flames of lovers light to faded longing for the day
Can again the waning midnight glow be fanned to fires flaming heat and light the lovers path ethereal when might they choose to tryst a bit
Pray O' Moon delight us once again with beauty that you alone possess
With your soft and guiding hand lead us on the way with touch of loves caress

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