Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Take Me To The Fire

That harlot, she is no worry to me
For I have lived forever and a day
In the arms of my passions fire
Burning as if my blood were at a rapid boil
And never caring what the damage would bring
I have lived forever and eternity
Submerged myself for seconds then minutes then hours then days
Underneath thick clouds of fiery steam
Curled up into and embracing
A throbbing white heat that enveloped me
Time is nothing
For I have been to the moon and back
And I have seen the ice age come and go
Watched the creatures the earth once nurtured become extinct
I have seen the Garden of Eden
I have heard the hissing of the serpent
I have singed my mouth on those candescent apple fruits
I have no fear of dying without living
And I am comforted by the blisters I wear
Kiss me until the world disappears
Our love will radiate the bluest flame
Parch me with those lips of cinder
Take me to the driest desert and love me on the sun
Carry me up to heaven or down to the gates of hell
Riding on the waves of your incinerating gaze I'll travel
To a place no time machine has gone or ever will

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