Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spider Time

I take my time now
stretching it out
wanting to keep every moment
thick and golden
keep it longer somehow
I watch the female wolf spider
her web an extraordinary affair
stretched between two pillars of our porch
I see her knitting furiously
a silken egg bag slung across her back
making her delicate features
swollen grotesque hunchbacked
I know her
I know how she feels
the clock ticking
minutes dribbling away at an alarming speed
how she must worry
will she be able to finish
this her last motherly duty
before she withers
then turns into a minute crumb
blowing away on a puff of the breeze
I want to feel time wrapped around me
thick and golden and sweet as honey
taste it
savor it
smell it
before I wither and my crisp remains are carried away

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