Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Refresh My Soul

Daydreaming...nodding head and sigh
whispered dreams of paradise
fasten to the heavy lidded eye
Lush grasses moist with dew part for feet that wander through
Until at last amazed to see Edens Garden come to view
Pausing awestruck eyes alight on pool of clear cerulean sky
Lustrous pearl of glowing delight - grasses flowers and trees on every side
Heavy laden stocked with luscious blooms,ripened fruits and seeds
Hark - a fish jumping out the pond arching silvery back and looks as if to wink and say 'welcome to my garden. I hope you'll stay and play'
Soft the breezes blew - enough to cool the brow
Reeds did whisper near the shore a haunting soulful tune
Sandy beaches white with grains were silky smooth to feet
Hollow logs were placed in perfect line of view of sunset warmly melting yellow orange against cerulean blue
Slip into the water naked as a newborn babe
Feel the lap of water warm as toast in sun and coolly fresh in shade
Swim or float or dive in shining water sky
Rise from waters edge to feel blossom scented cooing winds kissing skin til dry
Then - starry sky will light a path through orchards lacey trees
Leading back those souls refreshed and plump with joy from new awakening

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