Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are You Afraid To Sleep?

the spirits are out tonight
in shades of darkness they quiver
coming out of the corners and closets
floating over the bed
and they shift
subtle at first
braver they approach
perhaps just brushing by your hand
thinking a fly has landed you swat and miss
then looking
eyes open wide you stare into the face
of a diaphanous madness
can you just lie there
with visions of sugar plums intact
or will the fear pin you down on the bed
while cold clammy sweat marks a path
across the pale phantom of your cheek
will you dare to bolt for the nearest light
to kill the silent beasts
then so armed return to hide yourself
beneath inpenatrable quilts and sheets
will you feel protected do you think
enough to close your weary eyes and sleep

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