Friday, December 21, 2007


The sun beat down burning off the last blur of the day
leaving a razer sharp edge
gleaming brightly
painful to the naked eye
the sprinklers ran full force
water evaporating before it could
saturate the dead grass roots
the wind blew and blew and blew
fingers of boughs were creaking
as they combed through their chattering leaves
the garden gate gave a rusty chime every now and then
clothes flew off of the line...
she stood by an empty field and felt herself drifting
bit by bit
then a rush as she swiftly bled away
she was a tumbleweed
hollow and full of thorns
rolling across the empty plains
nothing could hold her fast
even the air was light today
the waves of grasses rolled her along
as though she were sailing the mighty sea
toward endless beckoning horizens
she would never reach
the dirt began to gambol about
and a dog began to yip
then her eyes sent out a silent plea
reflecting emptiness
and she stooped to gather the dirty clothes
save for a white lace handkerchief
that was fluttering there in the wind
and as she watched it take wing and fly
her eyes seemed to light up
and she whispered ever so softly...'Goodbye'

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