Friday, December 21, 2007


She gets lost on hot walks beneath cherry blossoms

Scattering pink kisses on June breezes

Pretending she is someone else

She stubs out an injured bat like a cigarette and cries

About the stain that won't come out of those brand new shoes

But isn't sorry for the pain she's caused

Hasn't ever been before

Why start now she reasons

She throws away the instructions that come into her life

Before reading them

Laughs and seems to manage


She hates surprises she tells her friends

But secretly wishes for them

Just the same

She walks the longest when the lilacs glisten

Beneath the kisses of a midnight rain

Her hair pressed into a slick dark cap

Falling tears feeding the watery frenzy

She walks alone in a private storm

Lost in thought

...but never, ever forgetting

She's just pretending

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