Friday, December 21, 2007


She didn't want to know the names of his children
Or about his daughters dog who scratched through the screen door
One night chasing the neighbors cat
The fact that tomorrow was one year to the date
He had purchased his first book of poetry and now
He owned more than 50 was something she could have done without
These items would be stashed forever into the growing pile of
Too much information she didn't want
To remember
Or come across in her random searching of memories for perhaps
The way her mother had fried chicken
Or the formula to convert pounds to kilograms
Her polite manner and helpful demeanor wrapped around her
Like a very thick cape and
Hid her anger toward this aimless conversation, though
She wanted only to close her eyes and fall into the pleasing
Darkness where nothing mattered except
The rolling shimmer of pure lust that rippled through her
When his body talked to hers without any need for spoken words
Painting her scope of vision silvery gleaming black with a
Scattering of tiny lights beckoning, just out of reach
Please, she thought, Just shut up
She wanted only to rise, clinging onto luminous waves of heat
Arms outstretched helpless and then slowly slowly sink
Deep into pools of warm silk quietly telling herself all the while
I know with certainty this is all I will ever need

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