Friday, December 21, 2007


Along the shore a panoply of cranes
Vamped for one another
Seemingly delighted
Singing off key
A madrigal of some sort
(The sound of which I've not heard since the last time there was karaoke at the sports bar, Thank you Lord)
All were merry save for one
A laggard who straggled behind
Skirting the alluvion
Avoiding the badinage of his fellow mates
Preferring instead to gaze at his feet, the shelf of trees beyond the shore
Anything but the playful crowd before him
He scorned them
Through and through
When they urged him join their fun
He screwed up his face as if he just bitten an exquisitely piquant grapefruit!
Not he, oh heavens no
He was destined for greater things than such mirth on the beach
Childish antics and singing?
Not for he
Not a one could gloze him to mingle
He raised his bill as high as he could
A scunner of such silliness he would remain
He was so busy avoiding the group
He wandered farther and farther away
Good! He thought
Good riddance to bad rubbish! He said
He would wait here, at the edge of the wood, for the finale
His 'clat debut
His life to begin
His destiny was that of a King, or great Lord he thought
Fame! Fortune! Behold I am here! He shouted out loud
Alas, the lone crane would soon know his true meaning
For fate led him directly in front of a fox den
To proclaim his wants and demand his worthy reward
And as he stood with wings outstretched
Beseeching the God of greatness to arrive
He got just exactly what he deserved

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