Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winters Sleet Turned April Rain

Our destiny
forever marred, chipped and scarred
by choices made so long ago
when Winter rains resembled sleet
icing hearts relete
Springtime thaw a distant pealing bell
ringing...ringing...ringing... muffled silent
held in Winters maw
frozen icy grip
Coldly rising flood escaping stony banks
sandbags not enough to quell the steady lava flow
What now?
Spring arrived?
Will glaciers melt?
Ice floes crack, subside?
Will new buds emerge to thrive,
growing stronger bathing in the warmth
rejuvenated after Winter sleep?
Will Winter sleet turned April rain
carry us along gentle babbling brook
caressed on either side by wildflowers passion scent?
Will Winter sleet be warded off?
Will newborn buds ensue?
Will roots once frozen soil surrounded
withstand loves hibernation yet to yield
sweet tendril shoots through hearts foundation
securing, extending, emphasizing
a Springtime love anew?

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