Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where can IT be?

pleasing tonight with Vegas lights aglow
candles lit for pleasures untold
and wine uncorked
breathing the night air
slipping into reverie
rocking alone and thoughts tossing
as a boat in storm riddled seas
catching the waves and riding them out
wind whistling
haunting melodies
Love...listen to songs of the midnight
hear the singing
be one with me
as together we listen and wonder and long for
anything that can BE
something MUST matter
something CAN make a difference
if only the wind would blow
and sing in the trees
and the melody would just be
for you and me...
strain so hard to hear
perspiration wets the brow
for that one....sweetness
that some...thing special
despair can make the head hang so low
touching the earth and bending down
a sapling willow
whisps can satisfy only temporary longings
hefty must the REAL fullfullment be
for the lasting
for you and for me
yearning for eternity

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