Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for a Reminder

the old man sat down at his table
waiting to sup on a simple fare
bread, cheese, berries and milk
he wanted no more than that
his face was softly creased and
brown as tanned leather
his hair and beard were long and white
eyes of summer sky peered out
beneath thick caterpillar brows drawn tight
his clothes were old and patched but clean
smelling of the open air
in which they were bathed and dried in
the old man had no one
he had been alone in his sturdy shack
since his dear Beloved had died many years ago
the constant banging of a loose shutter
against the window frame
was to him a constant reminder of his Love
when his wife was alive
almost every day she remarked to him
'Dear would you please fix that broken clasp on the shutter?'
and he always said 'Of course I will...first thing tomorrow!'
though he never did
and every night as they lay in bed
they judged the strength of the wind
by the banging of the shutter above their head
and now after so many years
without his Beloved to talk to
that sound was the sweet voice
of a dear old friend...
today the wind had whistled so pleasing
through the towering fir trees
and the day had been so bright
and warm and gentle to his aching knees
the old man was grateful and before he began to eat
he folded his calloused hands together in a gentle grasp
closed his summer eyes and bowed his head to pray
he thanked his God for the wind that blew
the sun that gave off such a warmth
and the noisy shutter with a broken clasp

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