Thursday, November 29, 2007

Slave To Fall

I am afraid of what may happen
Should I allow you in my life
Though I long and dream of you
To collect me in your hands so warm and soft
The leaves of my heart
They have lost the will to live and crumble
At the hint of tenderness
September and October I live everyday
For my heart belongs to fall
The blood of my body
Thrills to the timbre of your voice
Yet curdles just as quickly
Should I chance to linger too long
I cannot give chance to desire
For this a spark to a flame to a blaze
May consume the dry kindling
My heart is made up of
For I am a slave to the Autumn
My heart is suited for only this
And though the leaves of my heart
Ache and pine for the sweet breath of Spring
And the hot caress of the Summer sun
I fear the consequences
should I allow myself the taste of just one kiss

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