Monday, November 26, 2007

Longing For Warmth; Bread.

the dank odor of a cellar greets me
as I open the door
lonely for warm bread
I open some crackers and put them on the edge of the window
maybe the sun will come out today
maybe the whole damn place will smell of home baked fresh
maybe a Thanksgiving dinner will appear on a long table
surrounded by laughing people who toast one another
and a child will ask for a leg
and everyone will laugh
and give him the prize
and his eyes will open pure wide
maybe Christmas lights will glitter like diamonds
and everyone will be dressed in warm burgundy clothes
their hands wrapped around a glass of cider
someone will be playing the piano
we gather and sing carols
arms around shoulders in friendly brotherly love
maybe the doorbell will ring to the giggles of children
dressed in outlandish garb
begging for treats with bags open wide
and I'll pretend to be scared
and hand out candy apples and popcorn balls
and no one will refuse
because everyone knows I make the best treats
and they will thank me
and I'll sit by the fireplace because it's a little chill
and my dog will lay by my feet
and I'll read a book of poetry
waiting for the bell to ring again

maybe I'll just sit on a cardboard box by the window
watching a package of crackers
waiting for the sun

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