Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iridescent Melody

she was a pink shell cupped to his ear
whispering soft pearls of iridescent melodies
bathing the silver haired man in the warmth of memories
she was there humming gently as he walked the lonely beach
a smile upon a weathered face at last
peace, at last
a driftwood fire sparkled and showered the night
like the fourth of July they met
he sat and listened to the voice of a wild rose
once again he kissed the bloom of her skin
caressed the bareness of her shoulder
held her tightly to him, and then
whispered goodnight
the lighthouse beacon jump roped through the air then disappeared
early rising dawn put up her glowing tresses
darkness lifted from a figure resting beside the embers of a fire
a smile upon a weathered face a shell against his ear
at peace, at peace at last

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