Thursday, November 29, 2007

Garden Path Serene

simple and serene
garden paths meander rambling
scented of sweet heather
basil, sage, and thyme

green mossy stones create
a fuzzy footed walk
over which hanging grape vines cling together
forming a cool delicious canopy

singing silver wind chimes
hang from branches low
offer gentile music swinging
hammock rocking - stomach full

dreams of garden parties
attended by faerie Kings
linger in my thoughts
while resting porch swing - swings

babbling brook washes smooth the never ending stones
competing with pebble bird-bath fountain chortling
and water sprinklers moans

birds in sing and flowers in bloom
colors and sounds surround
the dappled sun peeks through the trees
and dances upon the sloping ground

a Bob Whites song heard from pastures far
prompts my to perform
I pucker up my lips and whistle
...he repeats my tune

simple and serene
my garden paths do so delight
I wonder here and wonder there
wandering everywhere
mornings noons evenings and nights

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