Monday, November 26, 2007

Airplanes, Fountains and Blowflies

I noticed a black speck of something
at his gumline near his left incisor
Don't you floss? I wonder as he leers
answer to this silent query
no surprise when the smell of his breath
hits my face airplane made of beer cans circles over my head
circling always circling in fetid air
an unwilling witness to all that happens here
Free to fly but tied to ever circling plane in fetid air
Irony so painfully clear
Greasy hair pokes my eye
concentrate!... Will it to go blind
Neon lights glow on and
off and on
spotlighting a hanging fountain
dripping foul water
Drops of oil glisten on threads
strung around its parameter
watch them climb the strings then . . . drip . . . drip
caged in by times oily grip
Neon light flashes off then on
then off
Blowfly lands on the corner of mouth
washing his face relentlessly
obsessive even in this ritual cleansing
before leaving for greener pastures - Mondays sandwich
I think...or Thursdays leftovers...
A doll stares unwavering
eyeless sockets her only anomoly
waiting patiently for pink dresses, ribbons and a tea party
ever faithful, blind to lifes travesties
Over head circling and circling an airplane
flies but never soars
fountain drips foul waters
neon sign flashes - shining on a hopeful face
and a blowfly washes...washes...washes

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